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QHSE Statement

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental expectations are integral elements of our business. They are embedded into our management systems and processes and influence everything that we do.
In addition, LCN is increasingly involved in the provision of project and construction management services in several parts of the world.
LCN will progress towards its vision of zero harm to people, assets and the environment. The fundamental building blocks necessary for us to succeed are already in place. New or improved standards, processes and procedures will help achieve safer and more environmentally friendly outcomes.
Quality Assurance
"Quality is a continual process in LCN and we are in the process of getting certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards. All personnel are actively involved in quality improvement programs which includes company wise training in all aspects of operations"
LCN conducts professionally managed training programs for various clients to create awareness about Environment Management in their production units. These training programs are tailor-made, specific to the requirement of industry or clients.