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Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Lozino Contracting Nigeria Limited (LCN) has become synonymous with quality, timing, innovation and expertise. Deeply entrenched corporate values and a commitment to exceeding client expectations have made LCN a first choice for clients that demand an experienced contractor, capable of meeting any challenges head on.

LCN was established in 2009, when it first commenced operations as Lozino International Enterprise. A growing list of satisfied clients demanded further expansion and in 2011, Lozino Contracting Nigeria Limited (LCN) was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Determined to continue meeting and exceeding the needs of its ever-growing client base, LCN continues to expand its operations throughout Nigeria.

A clear focus on quality and the timeous delivery of client requirements has enabled the company to expand its operations from its humble beginnings in 2009. In spite of its growth, success and development the company has maintained those core values that focus on building a trust and a good relationship with each and every client. With just few years of experience, LCN offers friendly, reliable and efficient services, coupled with the most competitive prices in the industries we operate.

Lozino Contracting Nigeria Limited (LCN) is a well-established Manpower, Payroll/Tax, Meet and Greet, Visa/Work Permit Company. From provision of manpower services, Payroll and Tax Management, to Meet and Greet Services to Visa/Work Permit, LCN boasts an enviable satisfied clients list and continues to offer a wide range of specialized services.

The success of LCN is driven by the unparalleled commitment to the quality of its services, together with its innovative service techniques which result in customer satisfaction upon completion of each and every project.

Since its establishment in 2009, LCN has developed a solid reputation as a contractor which has successfully completed a number of high-profile contracts.